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Advantages of meta-data driven software generation


The advantages of meta-data driven software generation are:

Data documentation: The data together with their statistics and important features for data mining (e.g., presence of null values) are well documented. This extends the meta-data as are usual in relational databases.

Case documentation: The chain of preprocessing operators including all parameter settings is documented, as well. This makes a case reproducable. In contrast, the current state of documentation is most often the memory of the particular scientist who developed the case.

Abstraction: Meta-data are given at different levels of abstraction, a conceptual (abstract) and a relational (executable) level. The same case at the conceptual level can be mapped on several different cases at the relational level. This makes an abstract case re-usable.

Ease of case adaptation: In order to run a given sequence of operators on a new database, only the relational meta-data and their mapping on the conceptual meta-data has to be written.