Takes a list of concepts which are linked by relations, and selects specified Features from them which are collected in the output Concept, via a join on the concepts of the chain. To be more precise: Recall that Relations are only defined by the user between initial Concepts of a Case. Suppose there is a chain of initial Concepts C1 ,..., Cn such that between all Ci and Ci+1 ,1<= i < n, Ci is the FromConcept of the i-th Relation and Ci+1 is its ToConcept. These Concepts may be modified in the Case being modelled, to result in new Concepts C'1,...,C'n , where some C'i may be equal to Ci. However, the BaseAttributes that correspond to the Relation keys are still present in the new Concepts . By using their names, this operator can find the key Columns and join the new Concepts .

The parameter table below refers to this explanation. Note that all input Concepts are the new Concepts C'i, but all input Relations link the original Concepts Ci.

ParameterName ObjectType Type Remarks
TheInputConcept CON IN Concept C'1 (inherited)
TheConcepts CON List IN Concepts C'2 ,..., C'n
TheRelations REL List IN they link C1 ,..., Cn
TheChainedFeatures BA or MCF List IN from C'1 ,..., C'n
TheOutputConcept CON OUT inherited