The output Concept contains only records that fulfill the SQL condition formulated by the parameters of this operator. This operator is loopable! If applied in a loop, the conditions from the different loops are connected by AND. Every condition consists of a left-hand side, an SQL operator and a right-hand side. Together, these three must form a valid SQL condition. For example, to specify that only records (rows) whose value of attribute sale is either or should be selected, the left condition is the BaseAttribute for sale, the operator is IN, and the right condition is (50,60).

If this operator is applied in a loop, only the three parameters modelling the condition change from loop to loop, while input and output Concept remain the same.

ParameterName ObjType Type Remarks
TheInputConcept CON IN inherited (same in all loops)
TheLeftCondition BA IN any BA of input concept
TheConditionOperator V IN an SQL operator: <,= ,...
TheRightCondition V IN  
TheOutputConcept CON OUT inherited (same in all loops)