This operator can be used to discretize a time attribute manually. The looped parameters specify a mapping to be performed from TheTargetAttribute, a BaseAttribute of type TIME to a set of user specified categories. As for all FeatureConstruction operators a BaseAttribute TheOutputAttribute is added to the TheInputConcept.

The mapping is defined by looped parameters. An interval is specified by its lower bound IntervalStart, its upper bound IntervalEnd and two additional parameters StartIncExc and EndIncExc, stating if the interval bounds are included (value: "I"') or excluded (value: "E"'). The value an interval is mapped to is given by the looped parameter MapTo. If an input value does not belong to any interval, it is mapped to the value DefaultValue.

To be able to cope with various time formats (e.g. 'HH-MI-SS') the operator reads the given format from the parameter TimeFormat (ORACLE-specific).

ParameterName ObjType Type Remarks
TheInputConcept CON IN inherited
TheTargetAttribute BA IN inherited, type: TIME
IntervalStart V IN ``looped'', lower bound of interval
IntervalEnd V IN ``looped'', upper bound of interval
MapTo V IN value to map time interval to
StartIncExc V IN one of ``I'' and ``E''
EndIncExc V IN one of ``I'' and ``E''
DefaultValue V IN value if no mapping applies
TimeFormat V IN ORACLE specific time format
TheOutputAttribute BA OUT inherited