Windowing is applicable to time series data. It takes two BaseAttributes from the input Concept; one of contains time stamps, the other values. In the output Concept each row gives a time window; there will be two time stamp BaseAttributes which give the beginning and the end of each time window. Further, there will be as many value attributes as specified by the WindowSize; they contain the values for each window. Distance gives the distance between windows in terms of number of time stamps.

While TimeBaseAttrib and ValueBaseAttrib are BaseAttributes that belong to TheInputConcept, OutputTimeStartBA, OutputTimeEndBA and the WindowedValuesBAs belong to TheOutputConcept.

ParameterName ObjType Type Remarks
TheInputConcept CON IN inherited
TimeBaseAttrib BA IN time stamps
ValueBaseAttrib BA IN values
WindowSize V IN positive integer
Distance V IN positive integer
OutputTimeStartBA BA OUT start time of window
OutputTimeEndBA BA OUT end time of window
WindowedValuesBA BA List OUT as many as WindowSize
TheOutputConcept CON OUT inherited